New publication: A Census of Western Medieval Manuscripts in Romania

Adrian Papahagi, Adinel-Ciprian Dincă, Andreea Mârza, Manuscrisele medievale occidentale din România: Census (Biblioteca medievală 38), Iași: Polirom, 2018. 248 pp. ISBN 978-973-46-7463-3.

This is the first census of Western medieval manuscripts in Romania, describing 515 items — many of them for the first time. The volume has a rich system of indices, including authors and texts, provenance (places and owners), scribes, languages, and dating. Musical and illuminated manuscripts are singled out in the indices.

The census describes manuscripts from the following collections:

Alba Iulia, Batthyaneum Library [1-301]; Brașov, Archives of the Evangelical Church C.A. [302-309], National Archives [310-312]; Bucharest, National Archives [313-315], Library of the Romanian Academy [316-335], National Library of Romania [336-341], Library of the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchy [342], National History Museum [343], National Art Museum [344-345]; Cisnădie, Evangelical Church C.A. [346-357]; Cluj, Central University Library [358-379], Library of the Romanian Academy [380-396]; Gheorgheni, Roman Catholic Parish [397]; Mediaș, Evangelical Church C.A. [398-399]; Miercurea Ciuc, Szekely Museum of Ciuc [400-403]; Odorheiu Secuiesc, Roman Catholic Parish [404]; Sfântu Gheorghe, National Szekely Museum [405]; Sibiu, Central Archives of the Evangelical Church C.A. [406-423], National Archives [424-432], The Brukenthal Museum Library [433-504]; Sighișoara, “Zaharia Boiu” Documentary Library [505], Evangelical Church C.A. [506-507]; Târgu Mureș, Teleki-Bolyai Library [508-513]; Timișoara, National Archives [514-515]. The book can be ordered online at:

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