M.A. Programme in Irish Studies

Founded two decades ago, the MA in Irish studies has in its history fostered excellence in teaching and research, within the Department and outside of it. It represents a model of how to organize and develop studies in an area that seems a niche, but in fact provides ample ground for wide-ranging cultural analysis and scholarship. Its relevance has been strengthened in time, it being the only programme of its kind in Romania and this part of Europe, and it has helped mould numerous young academics who have gone on to do research and teach in the country and abroad. The programme, we believe, continues to be a flagship for the Faculty of Letters. With it, the University and Cluj more generally have become a hotspot for the appreciation of Irish culture, and this is a trait that I hope will continue in the years to come.

The team is working to develop the programme, broaden and improve the curriculum, start research projects and welcome academic input from outside. To cite just an example, the connection with the University of Notre Dame represents a springboard for what we think will be fruitful future projects. With the continued help of the Irish Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs, of other partner universities, we are planning to bring over to Cluj professors, writers, artists and students from Ireland, but also from other centres that focus on Irish studies in Europe and throughout the world.


Recent Publications