Erika Mihálycsa



PhD, 2008, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj

MA, 2001, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj

BA, 1999, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj

Erika Mihálycsa is Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Letters, Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj. A member of the editorial board of European Joyce Studies (Rodopi/Brill), she has published mainly in the field of Joyce and Beckett studies (linguistic poetics, bilingualism, Joyce/Beckett and/in translation), and read at a number of Joyce symposia and summer schools (Trieste, Dublin). She edits the literary and art journal HYPERION – For the Future of Aesthetics, issued by Contra Mundum Press, and has translated into Hungarian works by Samuel Beckett, Flann O’Brien, Patrick McCabe, George Orwell, Anne Carson, Jeanette Winterson among others.

Research interests: modern and contemporary British and Irish fiction, Modernism studies, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett studies, literary theory, translation studies.

Selected publications:

“A Dialogic Imagination: Samuel Beckett reading Georges Duthuit/Bram van Velde in Three Dialogues”, Word and Image (2017) (forthcoming).

“A few points on the writing of finitude in Ulysses.” European Joyce Studies 27 (Amsterdam: Brill, 2017) (forthcoming).

 “The Trials of Foreignization: Transposing Joyce’s ‘Farraginous Chronicle,’” in Parallaxing Joyce, eds. Penelope Paparunas, Frances Ilmberger, Martin Heusser (Tübingen: Günter Narr Verlag, 2017).

“’Writing to the self-accompaniment of a language that is not mine’: The Figure of Translation in Beckett’s Work”. Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS) 19.2 (2013)

“‘Where’s that bleeding awfur?’ The Oxen Coda in translation, Authorized (Mis)readers,” in Joyce Studies Annual 2012 (New York: Fordham University Press, 2012).

Trans-lating Modernism: Languages of Passage in the Fiction of Joyce, Flann O’Brien, Beckett, Cluj: Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2016.


Samuel Beckett, Ekhó csontjai (Echo’s Bones), Budapest, Európa, 2017.

Flann O’Brien, Úszikkétmadáron (At Swim-Two-Birds – trans., notes by E.M. and Gábor Csizmadia), Cluj, Koinónia, 2009.

Patrick McCabe, Reggeli a Plútón (Breakfast on Pluto), Bratislava, Kalligram, 2013.

Patrick McCabe, A mészároslegény (The Butcher Boy), Bratislava, Kalligram, 2011.

John McCourt, A virágzás évei: James Joyce Triesztben, 1904-1920 (The Years of Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste, 1904-1920), Szombathely, Savaria University Press, 2010.